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Mothers For TBI Hope
Totes of Comfort & Hope Program

You're at the Trauma Center

Being notified that someone you love has been transported in life threatening condition to a Trauma Center is frightening. Your immediate thought is to get to the hospital as quickly as possible to be with your loved one. There isn’t time to think about what you might need or how long you might be needed there.

After being informed that your loved one has suffered a significant injury to their brain, there is little you can do except wait and pray. Everyone is left in a fog of uncertainty, desperation and helplessness. No family can ever be prepared for this type of event. 

You are not alone. Our group won't just give you talks and sharings about being in the same shoes. We also have programs aimed to make you realize that you shouldn't lose hope. A sample program is a guitar playing tutorial that includes vital information such as guitar maintenance tips,  beginner acoustic guitar reviews, amongst others. Interested? Visit http://bestguitar.reviews/top-acoustic-electrics-under-1000.

Get in touch with us by emailing moms@800tbihope.org.

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